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Our Services for Fuel Tank Restoration.

We discuss your individual tank requirement and offer an approach to protecting the inside surfaces. 
We will give you a quote for the work to be done and an outline of the process. 
We receive the tank into the workshop and carry out a full examination. 
We will re-quote if necessary. 
We carry out the work required. 
We will advise you when the tank is ready for collection or will pack it and dispatch it to you.
Our Services from the Blast Cleaning Cabinet

We can take objects up to the size of a Motorcycle frame.

Blast clean with grit or a ceramic based media. 

Blast cleaning with non-abrasive media (Glass Bead,walnut shell etc.)

Blast cleaning with Soda.

We have Vapour Blasting services should they be required.

See more on the Blast Cleaning Page

Powder Coating Services

Powder Coating consists of the spraying of highly charged fine powder particles around metal components suspended on an earthed conveyor track. The charged particles of powder are held onto the surface of the metal component purely by the electrostatic charge.  Both component and powder are then baked in large ovens in accordance with best practice and manufacturers technical guidelines, ensuring full cure is achieved (chemical cross links). This irreversible change results in a smooth attractive finish. We provide this service in partnership with a local and well respected company.
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